Jamie Oliver teaches MySpace users to cook

Jamie Oliver is promoting his latest TV show, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, with the launch of an interactive “minibook” on MySpace. It will include extracts from the show and the accompanying book and will be available from today (October 14).

The social networking site claims it is the first time that an interactive “sampler” has been posted on a social networking site. It will be accompanied by blogs from Oliver encouraging questions and debate from his MySpace friends to inspire them to get cooking.

The sampler will contain five new recipes, each of which is broken down into easy to follow instructions and accompanied by step-by-step video footage to show the viewer exactly what to do at each stage.

Oliver says: “The whole ethos behind the Ministry of Food is to make cooking easy, accessible and to pass what we learn on to as many people as possible. By giving away some of the key recipes from the book to the MySpace community I’m reaching an audience of over 100 million people – hopefully it will inspire everyone to get talking and get cooking and it’s the perfect environment to get people passing on the message virally.”

His MySpace profile will continue his concept of “Pass It On”, which encourages the public to try the recipes and then pass them on to their mates, family, co-workers and neighbours.


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