JC Decaux agrees deals to create newsagent network

NewsagentJCDecaux is launching the UK’s largest network of newsagents. The move aims to take advantage of cash-strapped consumers buying impluse “treats” during the economic slowdown.

The outdoor company is developing three different packages that will use up to 5,000 of its StreetTalk phone boxes near independent outlets. It claims the packages are the largest in the UK.

JCDecaux has also signed a deal with distribution network Newsdropnetwork that will allow brands to run promotions in shops to coincide with advertising campaigns.

The deal will allow news-agents to stock up on extra products before a campaign, and advertisers will be able to further support campaigns by sending promotional material, such as displays, samples and vouchers, to the 34,000 newsagents in the UK.

JCDecaux marketing director Dave McEvoy says the network will be “increasingly important” as brands seek to “drive footfall and prompt sales” in the independent sector.

The company says the deal will also increase the opportunities for brands looking to expand distribution “outside the key multiples”.

Newsdropnetwork works with Menzies Distribution, Smiths News and Dawson News to provide the bigg-est distribution network in the UK.


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