JD Williams dials into web analytics

Following a four-week evaluation, direct home shopping company JD Williams is building an integrated web intelligence system using a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and customer insight software from Speed-Trap. The implementation builds on an existing Teradata data warehouse and CRM application.

“This is an exciting new approach to data warehouse-driven business agility, enhancing our pool of customer intelligence with detailed click stream data – a solution which has proven its value in a recent proof-of-concept,” says Neil McGowan, chief information officer, JD Williams. “This innovative system comes at a perfect moment for us. Orders from the Internet are starting to exceed telephone orders for the first time in the company’s history.”

Using Speed-Trap to capture realtime data on website visitors, clickstream information will be routed to the data warehouse in realtime for analysis and integration with existing customer data. Web browsing information will be used to enhance customer communications.

“The routing of web data into the Teradata database for integration with other customer information will result in a significant marketing advantage for companies competing amid intense economic pressures,” says Chris Armitage, area vice president, Teradata United Kingdom. “JD Williams is using its extreme customer focus as a change catalyst – by introducing true multi-channel conversations into its CRM programme, covering millions of customers.”


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