Jersey pulls tourism ads over care home inquiry

Jersey Tourism, the island’s official tourist organisation, has suspended its advertising during the investigation into abuse at a former children’s home.

The body says it felt it was ‘inappropriate’ to continue with its campaigns in the UK, France and Germany in light of the discovery of human remains Haut de la Garenne.

It says it agreed to the move to prevent its ads appearing next to news bulletins or stories. Jersey Tourism marketing manager Simon Le Huray says: “As the government department responsible for tourism development we didn’t feel it was appropriate to be advertising at this time.”

The £1.5m UK campaign, created by CommuniquŽ 360, with media planning by Allied Media, has the strapline “Another World, Closer to Home” and is in its second year.

The decision to pull the campaign will be reviewed as the inquiry proceeds says Le Huray, who adds: “If we felt, once the investigation is over, that our reputation had been damaged then we would consider a fresh marketing push.”

The current campaign had been a successful one for Jersey Tourism; visitor numbers rose 1.5% last year, reversing a 4% drop in 2006.


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