Jill McDonald, newly appointed UK CEO for McDonald’s talks brands

On September 29, 2010, The Annual from Marketing Week will lay out smart thinking, smart working and smart engagement strategies for businesses. Jill McDonald, newly appointed UK CEO for McDonald’s, explains which brands impress her:

smartthinking: Waitrose

The launch of Essential Waitrose demonstrated real empathy and relevance to the customers. I assume there is quite an upmarket demographic shopping at Waitrose. But it somehow gave permission for you to continue to shop there and helped make the retailer relevant even when going through a recession.

smartworking: Lego

The company’s net profit increased by 63% last year and it is growing share in a declining market. I think Lego has moved with the times in how it has aligned with licensed characters with brand extensions with Nintendo games.

smartengagement: Boden

I think it has built a strong brand predominately through direct marketing. It has a certain target audience, which I only discovered in motherhood and rushed to embrace. Although the clothing range is similar year on year, it has moved on and introduced Johnny B, which is targeting young teenagers and reaches mums – if it’s a slim day I can squeeze into their larger sizes.

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