Jo Malone on making mistakes and creating an identity

Fragrance entrepreneur Jo Malone shares her thoughts on why price matters, how to learn from mistakes and why it’s important to celebrate success.

Why price matters

“It’s always about price, you can’t say it’s not. Even though I’m luxury and high-end I want people to feel they have value for money.

“When you say we can create these amazing things and anyone will pay, that’s naïve and arrogant. There will be some people who walk into my store who can afford anything and there will be others who come in having saved up to buy a candle and they are just as important.”

The value of making mistakes

“You’re going to make mistakes and that’s ok because we learn from mistakes. They can take you in a whole new direction. Nokia’s first product was rubber boots and Shell’s first products were decorative shells. They started here and ended up over there, and that could very well happen to me.

“I will always have my finger on the pulse with fragrance, because I was miserable without it, but I could very well start another business. That’s the excitement of life and what business can do for you.”

Celebrating success

“You have got to enjoy your success. If you don’t, what’s the point in doing it in the first place? Life’s too short and I sure as hell learnt that lesson as well. Life is precious and you have to enjoy it, but you have to stamp your identity on everything you do.”

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