Job site Indeed launches first global brand campaign

Indeed, the job search engine that claims to be the world’s most visited job site, is launching its first ever above the line advertising push as it looks to translate the millions of visits to its site into spontaneous awareness of the brand.

Video: Indeed’s first TV ad


Indeed launched 10 years ago and to date has relied on organic growth, word of mouth and SEO to grow its business. But 2014 marks an “important inflection point” in the company’s history, Indeed senior vice president of marketing Paul D’Arcy told Marketing Week.

He added: “Throughout our history we have put all of our investment into the product because we had the view that if you built the best product you will reach the people you need to reach through word of mouth and search. Now we are the number one in the world and here in the UK but we find there are still people who don’t know Indeed.”

Indeed claims 140 million unique global visitors and 12 million UK users a month, however, many use the site to start their job search and are redirected elsewhere once they get to application stage, which is why many consumers are unaware of the brand, D’Arcy said.

The multi-million pound marketing push centres around a TV ad that looks to celebrate the little jobs people do each day that culminate into wider achievements, shining a spotlight on how TV commercials are made. To source the stars of the TV ad, Indeed posted 26 jobs on its website, resulting in 1,500 applicants from around the world – a selection process showcased in a behind the scenes video.

The TV ad will be supported by outdoor, digital and social media ads continuing the “how the world works theme”.

D’Arcy said Indeed deliberately chose an optimistic and celebratory theme to provide contrast against other job site marketing, which tend to focus on workers’ frustration with their jobs.

He added: “We are a purpose driven company, helping people find jobs. So our natural tone is celebratory as we really take pride in helping people be successful. Therefore the natural starting point was to go for the positive element. Historically [job sites] have advertised the negative side, about the frustration – it’s lowest common denominator – we wanted to talk about optimism.”

It is hoped this activity, created by ad agency Mullen, will help consumers recognise that Indeed is the “number one job site in the UK” and its unique function in scouring the web for all the job ads on rivals’ boards, D’Arcy said.

Over the past six months Indeed has opened a number of international offices including in Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Dusseldorf, as well as expanding its existing offices in London and Dublin. The company now has about 200 staff across Europe, including a team of more than 20 in London.



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