John Lewis campaign focuses on stores principles

John Lewis is launching a new brand campaign to highlight the “principles and approach” that make the store unique. It will also use the store’s Partners in advertising for the first time.

The campaign, which was created by Lowe London, will break in two phases from June 12 and the first burst will focus on its principles. It will cover five areas of the retailer’s “personality” – such as its unique ownership structure – which have been individually illustrated. One execution portrays John Lewis as an oasis of calm when compared to the noise of sales promotions that can be found at other stores. The ads will run across outdoor, press and online.

The second burst, which will break in July, will focus on the departments and will feature real stories of John Lewis Partners. It aims to highlight the “personal and human side” of the retailer. This phase will run across press, radio and online.

Gill Barr, John Lewis marketing director, says: “We know that customers recognise John Lewis as a special place and in a challenging economic climate, we want to promise them that we will help find what they are looking for.”


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