John Lewis ‘teases’ with Christmas ad trails

John Lewis is looking to build excitement for its 2012 Christmas ad campaign by taking the unusual step of running trailers on Channel 4 building up to the launch of the full ad later this week.

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From tonight (6 November) more than 30 10-second teaser spots showing a distant figure in a snowstorm will air on Channel 4 signposting Friday’s date. It will not, however, include any John Lewis branding.

It is the first time the retailer has run trails for its own ads. Only three brands, including Coca-Cola and Prometheus the movie, have run similar pre-launch ads on Channel 4 to signal a forthcoming TV spot, according to the department store.

Craig Inglis, John Lewis marketing director told Marketing Week that its annual Christmas ad has become a “real appointment to view”.

He says: “It’s quite controversial for us because we always do a Saturday X-Factor launch. Because it’s so anticipated, it felt right to tease it in this way.”

The full TV spot, which is due to break on Friday (9 November) on Channel 4, is likely to continue the department store’s “thoughtful giving” message from previous years but offer a different creative execution.

Its 2011 Christmas campaign featuring a small boy counting down the days until Christmas and then surprising his parents with a gift, has been much celebrated.
John Lewis 2011 Chirstmas ad featured a cover of The Smiths’ Please, please, please let me get what I want.

Created by Adam&Eve

John Lewis 2010 Christmas ad featured a cover of Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ but Ellie Goulding.

Created by Adam&Eve

John Lewis 2009 Christmas campaign featured a cover of Guns n Roses Sweet Child o’ Mine track by Swedish folk band Taken by Trees.

Created by Adam&Eve

In 2008, John Lewis was the first UK advertiser to use a Beatles track in TV advertising.

Created by Lowe



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