Join the modern marketers’ manifesto debate

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A Manifesto for Modern Marketers: Read it here

By our constant monitoring of the challenges facing marketers, we know that they are having to deal with a rapidly changing set of tools and problems as a digital, connected world becomes the new norm.

Amid the pressure to deliver amazing results on a budget that is probably static, if not slashed, there is very little time to stop and reflect on the role of the modern marketer: the kind of talents, beliefs and skill sets that are needed to handle the constant curve balls thrown by new customer expectations in very dynamic markets.

But it’s worth pausing for brief consideration because that’s how you can help set your personal goals and how the industry can best shape itself for the future.

To further debate and stimulate discussion we, together with sister company Econsultancy, have formulated a manifesto for the modern marketer.

The manifesto is a statement of intent – it outlines the areas we believe marketers need to focus on to drive forward their businesses successfully and to help elevate the marketing discipline to its rightful position within those companies.

You will agree with some of the points and you will doubtless disagree with others, you’ll think some points have far more weight of import than others or that we have missed out some of the most vital matters on the modern marketer’s agenda. But most importantly, tell us what you think and why.

You can email us directly at or post comment on the online version of the manifesto. You’ll find the propositions expounded at greater length here. Let’s get a healthy debate under way that can only benefit everybody. We look forward to hearing from you.