Join up sales and marketing

“Right buyer, right now” (August 2009) was correct to identify that lead generation is more significant than companies often give it credit for. However, to maximise the value of information, it is also crucial that sales and marketing teams are well aligned and work together to develop and nurture potential leads.

If data is to be shared correctly, then there needs to be an effective transfer of leads from marketing to sales teams. Unfortunately, too many organisations still operate in silos.

This disconnect was highlighted in a recent survey we conducted which revealed that 41 per cent of organisations did not have aligned sales and marketing teams. If the two groups are to co-operate, a documented strategy needs to be in place that allows all relevant prospect and customer data to be communicated between teams. This will ensure the right leads are highlighted at the correct time and relevant offers are dispatched when the customer will be most responsive.

Stuart Wheldon, Director Customer Success, EMEA & Asia Pacific, Eloqua


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