Juliette Lewis to star in Orange Gold Spot

Actress and singer Juliette Lewis is to star in the new Orange Gold Spot advert.

Lewis plays the leading role in a new film created by “Orange Film Studios”, a “re-envisioned” version of martial arts film Fist of Fury.

The ad, created by Fallon, features film producers Dresden and Elliot recording a director’s commentary for ‘new movie’ Fngrz of Fury.

Lewis and the two producers are seen watching the film on a projection screen with the actress appearing on the screen dressed in a contemporary martial arts outfit and performing a kung-fu routine.

The spot concludes with Lewis getting angry after finding out that a mobile phone has been inserted into the movie.

Lewis follows Emilio Estevez who starred in the first advert of the series earlier this year.

The new ad will run in cinemas across the UK from June 26. Fallon has created two other Gold Spots that will hit the screens throughout the year.


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