Just a flick of the wrist action and it’s gone

Although pornographic spam is alleged to be on the decrease, the Diary still receives a daily dose of Desperate Housewives (sadly, the IT department’s Net nanny is unwilling to allow a thorough investigation into their connection to the Channel 4 series), Horny Teens and, helpfully, Generic Viagra.

When a file named “Man spraying.jpg” dropped into the inbox, then, it fulfilled all the criteria for instant deletion. The Diary’s insatiable curiosity won out, however, only to discover the less-than-sexy image you see on the left.

“Man spraying”, you see, is part of a promotional campaign for a well-known brand of creosote- substitute, involving a &£3m communications campaign.

So, brand manager Tina Cooney, if your press release receives a muted response, take comfort in the thought that corporate firewalls across the UK are now covered in Cuprinol Sprayable Fence Treatment.


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