Just because you think it…

I have to take issue with Kate Naylor’s assumption (MW July 4) that advertising in bars “will piss off the sophisticated 18to 24-year-olds”. The evidence points to the contrary.

Since Translucis launched Magnetic in November 2000, it has conducted quantitative research among more than 3,000 respondents, as well as having run focus groups with this age group since January 2001. Their response to the mixture of advertising and editorial has been positive. Only five per cent of this age group said they were unhappy.

The fact of the matter is this age group is highly visually literate, and actually appreciates additional stimulus in a bar environment. For them, visual media plays an important part in a good night out. It gives them something to look at when they’re queuing for a drink, waiting for their mates or when the conversation dries up. And they like the fact that Magnetic is not intrusive – they can “snack” on the medium when they feel like it. As far as advertising is concerned, the fact that we broadcast high-impact programming gives us the “permission” to advertise. As one viewer said recently: “You don’t feel like you’re getting the hard sell – the screens entertain as well.”

Increasing numbers of advertisers are recognising the benefits of Magnetic. Drinks marketers can increase sales, lifestyle advertisers can increase brand saliency.

I don’t know what brand Kate Naylor is responsible for marketing. I can only hope she’s not targeting 18to 24-year-olds. She shows little understanding of how they interact or what they require in a social setting. And she’s fallen into the trap of assuming that because she feels a certain way, everyone else will too. A bit of a blunder for a marketer.

Sue Aitken

Marketing and development director


London, W1


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