Just Eat launches first global brand campaign as it consolidates marketing

Peter Duffy, Just Eat’s interim CEO, tells Marketing Week having a global campaign enables it to “invest more in the quality of creative work” as it is being shared across a wider range of markets.

Just Eat is launching its first global brand platform as it looks to “invest more in the quality of creative work” and consolidate marketing.

‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’ will launch in eight markets across TV, radio, social and out-of-home, and marks the first time the company has developed creative centrally to be adapted across multiple countries.

Peter Duffy, Just Eat’s interim CEO, tells Marketing Week having a global creative “means you can invest more in the quality of that creative work because you’re sharing it across a broader range of markets”.

The new TV advert, which will air in the UK for the first time on Friday (9 May), features a couple who are deciding whether to order a takeaway. As the suggestion is made, a cast of TV characters erupts into song, including Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, sci-fi aliens, game show presenters and medieval warriors.

The ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat’ song will form the basis of a new global mnemonic and will also be used in a singing cover wrap for London newspaper The Metro.

Duffy, who was hired as the company’s first chief customer officer in May 2018 before being made interim CEO in January, says: “Customers are pretty similar whether they live in London, Paris or Sydney or Toronto. Ideas are universal.

“Customer typologies are more common by urban areas, by customer types, by a series of different criteria [more] than geography and so we just found we were able to bring that work together that resonated in multiple geographies.”

Despite this there are distinctions between markets with each country given licence to ensure their assets resonate locally. Just Eat is focusing on large city centres to attract commuters.

Susan O’Brien, Just Eat’s global band director, adds: “Our new creative platform is all about making Just Eat synonymous with takeaway delivery. It celebrates how we deliver not only food but the delight people feel when their favourite takeaway arrives, no matter where in the world they are.”

The campaign, which was created by McCann London, went live in Spain and Australia at the end of last month and is due to launch in Ireland on 15 May and Denmark on 27 May, with Italy, France and Switzerland planned to go live later in the year.