Just Eat: We’ve done two years’ worth of learning in six months

Just Eat admits it has had an “overwhelming” data to make sense of during the pandemic but that it has found insights to help build both its and its partners businesses.

Just Eat has done two years’ worth of learning in six months as Covid-19 has accelerated the company’s strategy, says UK marketing director, Matthew Bushby.

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing, Bushby said: “We’ve gone on an incredibly accelerated journey. As lockdown eased we are constantly learning about behaviour and trying to understand where food’s going to go next.”

The company collects 1 million data points a day which has been “fascinating” during lockdown.

He explained: “What we have as data is huge. We are taking on board more than 1 million data points every day and it’s [asking] how do you use them effectively to improve the experience of customers.”

The brand saw a change in consumption amid coronavirus, notably people eating dinner earlier and using the service for lunch and breakfast.

He admitted the amount of data can be “overwhelming” and that makes it difficult to use for “practical decision making” . However, he noted two key ways that Just Eat uses data.

The first is to help the brand deliver more personalised experiences for customers, for example by not showing customers a lunchtime menu at dinner time.

The second, is to enable Just Eat to share its learnings with partners encouraging restaurants to expand their menus into more mealtimes.

“From the restaurant’s point of view, we helped them evolve what they are doing,” Bushby said.

The future of TV

Bushby talked at length about the evolving role of TV in Just Eat’s marketing strategy.

He said: “One of the undeniable truths is that there is a diversification of people’s viewership.”

He added: “In terms of the future, it’s all about the ability to tap into [going beyond live TV]  as TV becomes less of a linear experience. People watch through catch-up now; there will always be that sofa moment and those peaks but it is changing.”

Bushby was quick to praise the way social media has allowed Just Eat to engage with customers, especially during Covid-19.

“Pre-lockdown we saw a renaissance of content. But we’ve since seen a metoric rise of some platforms whereby as a brand you have the opportunity to reach out to more customers.”

He noted that there were “challenges for us” in social media but that digital allowed marketers to “extend the life [of a campaign] and ensure we are reaching a broader based of customers.”

When using digital in a campaign he asks: “How can we magnify it?”.

He concluded: “Digital has allowed us to engage with customers and also understand them more. Digital is at its very best when you bring their best.”

Matthew Bushby was speaking at the Festival of Marketing, which is taking place online between 5 – 9 October. All sessions, including Bushby’s, are available to watch on-demand for those with a digital pass. To buy a pass visit www.festivalofmarketing.com/buy-your-pass.