Just what did you get up to at your office’s Christmas party? Ask the air stewardesses

The Christmas party season may now be over but, up and down the land, a lingering sense of foreboding lurks in the back of the minds of those who cannot quite remember how the evening ended.

Is the damage to the photocopier anything to do with me, they wonder? Why is the attractive woman in accounts giving me funny looks, and what on earth did I say to the boss just before he left?These and many similar questions have been floating around inside the Diary’s mind for several weeks now, but maybe they will never be answered – and perhaps that is for the best.

However the Diary was struck by the knowing looks on the faces of the “stewardesses” welcoming guests to agency Loewy’s airline themed “come fly with me” Christmas party.

Maybe they are the ones with the answers, after all they spent the evening catering to the whims of the passengers, including chief executive Charlie Hoult.

And when you are the boss of the airline you can certainly fly in style, even if you aren’t dressed in style, something that Hoult had obviously grasped.


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