K Advertising wins direct sell PC task

Action Computers, which sells PCs and associated products direct to consumers, has appointed K Advertising to run its first above-the-line UK advertising campaign.

K Advertising pitched against Maher Bird Associates and Team Saatchi for the account. The budget is still under discussion but Action is considering TV, press and radio. National advertising is expected to break in July, following a regional test.

The agency’s task will be to build Action’s profile and persuade consumers who would normally buy computer equipment either from specialist dealers or from high-street retailers such as Dixons, to buy direct.

K Advertising chairman and chief executive Hamish Pringle says: “Our task is to create a brand for Action and produce an umbrella campaign which will support the direct mail and specialist computer advertising it has done in the past.”

Pringle adds that the advertising will have to address consumer confidence “because the vast majority of people who buy computers do so through retail outlets. This remote form of selling through mail order is new to most people and they need reassurance”.


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