K-C launches first huggies swim range

Kimberly-Clark is launching a disposable swim-proof nappy in the UK under the Huggies brand name.

Huggies Little Swimmers are unisex waterproof nappies made out of absorbent material that neither leaks nor expands when it gets wet. They look like swimming trunks rather than nappies and are available in four bright colours in two sizes suitable for children from four months to potty-training age.

The product, which Kimberly-Clark claims is the first disposable swimming nappy on the market, will be widely available by mid-May in outlets including Mothercare, Boots, supermarkets and chemists.

The European roll-out of Little Swimmers has followed the US nine months ago, where they have ex-ceeded a 18m sales target.

A Kimberly-Clark spokeswoman says the brand targets swimming pool managers who are obliged to offer swimming lessons for toddlers but are thought to be reluctant sometimes because of fears the children will dirty the water.


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