Keep your spying under wraps…

High jinks and low cunning aboard the Canberra. The Diary hears that while G-Force exhibitor Julie Hart was away from her stand at the Marketing Forum, rivals at HP:ICM began rewriting the rules of competitive advantage.

The HP:ICM boys were seemingly engaged in a touch of industrial espionage before being caught red-handed over Hart’s notebook PC by a suspicious delegate. Could this be a new and unorthodox approach to data capture in event production?

HP:ICM business development director David Hurst claims there is a perfectly innocent explanation.

“The lid of the PC just happened to slip open and we simply pressed a couple of buttons,” he says lamely.

Sounds entirely plausible, boys.


Triple Two Dogs creates outrage

Marketing Week

Two Dogs, the Australian alcoholic lemonade distributed in the UK by Merrydown and Whitbread, is planning to launch a triple-strength version. The move has angered consumer watchdogs anxious about its effects on young and under-age drinkers. The brand has an alcoholic strength of four per cent alcohol by volume. Duncan MacGillivray, managing director of Two […]


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