Keeping up brand promises

I agree with Mark Choueke that the customer experience is the new battleground (Leader, MW 3 November). For seven years now I have refused to purchase anything from one retailer and one restaurant chain simply because of the appalling customer service I have received. I even go out of my way to advise others to think twice about going to these establishments. Investment in some customer service could have sorted the problems so easily.

It doesn’t mater how much effort these companies put into campaigns, it will never change my opinion of them. The final point of sale is often the most important and if you have spent the money driving people towards that goal, just make sure you can carry the promise.

Julie Morse, Market Manager


Make incentive schemes top the deal sites

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New Look’s Rob Froome is right when he says that to stand out from freely available deals on consumer websites, brands need to “personalise, add value and offer something different” (’Trip or Treat’, MW 20 October). With comparison sites and the like giving consumers easy access to deals, it is important that any closed user […]


Data – a marketer’s brave new world

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Like pieces of a puzzle falling into place, last week’s issue delivered a view on two of the most important building blocks for modern, customer intelligence-driven marketing. The customer experience feature (’Why the customer is the kingmaker’, MW 3 November) set out a powerful argument in favour of investing in and improving every consumer’s interactions […]

High quality direct mail is in our hands

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We must encourage brands to become more responsible for accurately targeting direct mail (’DM industry agrees to opt-out overhaul’, MW 3 November). We (as the industry) have the intelligence to be able to precisely pinpoint and target potential customers rather than taking a blanket approach, which can instantly lead to brand damage by sending irrelevant […]