Kellogg’s overhauls data strategy

Kellogg’s is overhauling the data strategy used for planning its digital campaigns, a move the company hopes will boost the effectiveness of its on and offline marketing activity.


The breakfast cereal maker is introducing “another layer” when planning strategies for its digital campaigns as it looks to push a more data-driven marketing agenda.

The company is to launch a mobile planning tool in the next few weeks to help its brand teams incorporate the digital platform in their strategies. It is also planning to refine its approach to online advertising by using data to determine what audience it purchases uses real-time-bidding.

Speaking to Marketing Week, Kellogg’s European digital planning director Matthew Pritchard, says data is becoming an increasingly core part of its digital plans.

He adds: “The future of brand marketing lies in data-driven precision marketing. Within the FMCG world we’ve used marketing as a blunt instrument. We’ve been predominantly traditional media broadcast led and over the last five years with seen this shift to digital.

Pritchard says the data drive will not only make Kellogg’s marketing more relevant but also “more cost-effective.” He adds: “We’re putting as much value on data as financial companies do.”

Kellogg’s is also working with Aegis-owned performance marketing outfit iProspect, which has launched a Data, Technology and Optimisation platform to help brands understand data.

The business has seen a 25% jump in conversion rates since working with the platform, which measures the conversion optimisation and performance marketing analytics across all Kellogg’s sites.

Additionally, Kellogg’s plans to use the feedback from customers online to determine what TV spots to air when it is not sure “which one is best” for future campaigns.



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