Kenwood to sponsor cookery show

Kenwood, the kitchen appliance maker is sponsoring 10-part cookery series as part of an awareness strategy.

Dessert chef Eric Lanlard
Dessert chef Eric Lanlard

The show “Glamour Puds”, will be hosted by award-winning dessert chef Eric Lanlard.

In “Glamour Puds”, Lanlard will show viewers how to make desserts and cakes.

Kenwood will sponsor branded bumpers before and after advert breaks and hopes to grow brand recognition amongst female cookery enthusiasts and drive sales.

The show will air daily at 2:25pm before Countdown on Channel 4 from 1 March.

The first series of “Kenwood Glamour Puds”, aired on Discovery last November and is being repeated in the same time-slot in the run up to the second series giving the brand a four-week presence on Channel 4.

Last week the Government said product placement would be allowed on TV with some exceptions.


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