Kerry Foods goes all natural for ham brand

Kerry Foods is readying a £3m marketing campaign to support the relaunch of its Richmond Ham range as a 100% natural product, a move that comes after research found that more than two thirds of consumers want ham made from natural ingredients.


The marketing drive, which uses the strapline ‘As Nature Intended’, launches next month with a 30 second TV spot to promote the brand’s healthy credentials.

Set in a village, the advert features a farmer discussing the benefits of the cooked meat’s natural ingredients, which contains no artificial colours or preservatives, to passing villagers as he eats a Richmond Ham sandwich.

The advert will be backed by an outdoor push as well as sampling activity in Asda and Tesco across the UK. Kerry Foods will also roll out a series of in-store promotions and themed car park activities, both prooduced by The Marketing Store, at the participating outlets in a bid to drive trails.

The campaign’s multi-million price tag is the most Kerry Foods has spent on a cooked meat product and aims to increase demand for BBQ food this summer because of events such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Games.

April Redmond, chief marketing officer at Kerry Foods, says the cooked ham alternative is a “game-changer” for the ham market.

She adds: “We know from talking to mums that they want the best for their families and, increasingly, ‘natural’ food products form a big part of this – in fact, two thirds of consumers now actively look for ‘natural’ food.”

A recent study from TNS International revealed that as much as 70% of consumers are actively looking for ham made from natural ingredients, making it the third most important purchase driver after price (85%) and flavour (84%).

The move marks Richmond’s second foray into the ham market after previously launching a ham range in Tesco stores. Despite the two products bearing the same name, the company is adamant that it is not a re-launch and says it is a “completely new product.”

The launch follows six years of R&D according to the sausage and Kerrymaid manufacturer.



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