The key trends that will impact marketers in 2020

From CMO rebranding to Brexit and the evolution of loyalty, here are the key issues, challenges and opportunities that will shape marketers’ working world in the year ahead.


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More CMO rebranding

Agitators for change want the CMO and other established titles to be dropped to better reflect customer and company need. It is a trend set to continue into 2020…


Brands championing activists

With the emergence of Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, brands are taking notice of activism, adopting their language and ideals in a bid to engage with politically active consumers…


Loyalty means more than a transaction

Loyalty programmes have barely changed since Tesco launched Clubcard back in 1995. Yet, with increased competition, economic difficulties for retailers and the costs of running schemes, many are now looking for new ways to engender loyalty…


Marketers reach ‘peak innovation’

The desire for brands to pump out faster and more reactive products has never been so strong. However, as many have adopted a fail-fast technique, others are pushing back amid a push for quality over quantity…


Moving towards global media measurement

A lack of transparency, coupled with the inability to compare cross-platform, has left brands crying out for greater clarity on their media investments. Now a movement is building towards new standards in global media management…


Sports sponsorship takes a deeper dive

Sports sponsorship continues to generate jaw-dropping amounts of money.  However, a more holistic and far less brash approach has been the starting point for some of the best partnerships over the past 12 months…


The ghost of Brexit Future haunts brands and consumers

Will Brexit ‘happen’ in January 2020? If the Withdrawal Agreement means that it does, what deal will the UK then hammer out regarding a future relationship with the giant trading bloc next door? And will the UK then remain intact?


The screw turns tighter on social media

We may be nearly two years on from Cambridge Analytica, but pressure is mounting on the social giants as scrutiny intensifies over the amount of power and influence they wield in today’s society…