Watch: KFC’s UK CMO on marketing leadership in a crisis

KFC’s UK CMO Meghan Farren discusses rafting an  effective comms strategy in a crisis and leading the case for marketing in challenging times

Covid-19 has presented unique communication challenges for many brands.

Crafting the right communication strategy in a crisis is tricky but KFC managed to get it right- striking the right tone and winning mass approval with it’s humorous campaign that showed the public’s attempt at recreating KFC meals during the lockdown.

As part of The Lowdown – a series of regular updates on tackling the challenges of the coronavirus crisis – Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons speaks to KFC’s UK and Ireland CMO, Meghan Farren about effective comms in a crisis, leading the case for marketing in challenging times and what may or not change in marketing and customer behaviour after the pandemic.

You can listen to the discussion above. And find out about future sessions from The Lowdown here.

the lowdown on coronavirus and marketing



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