KFC fires starting gun on more ‘emotional’ ad approach

KFC has launched a new multi platform marketing campaign which tells the story of a modern rodeo cowboy and his son as part of its strategy to create more “emotional” ads


The BBH London-created campaign, which promotes KFC’s new Great American Bites range, was teased online late last week but launches on TV tonight (21 July).

The agency says the ad is based on the insight that KFC “has the power to replenish, both physically and emotionally”.

Alongside the TV ad, the campaign is being activated on social media with a competition, created by Fabric, offering a fan the chance to win a holiday to America.

The “Rodeo” campaign is the latest iteration of a new strategy implemented earlier this year, where the chicken shop has taken a more emotional approach to its marketing to drive deeper engagement with customers. Previously the fast food chain had produced product and provenance-led ads.

The strategy is being overseen by David Timm, who was appointed as vice president for marketing for the UK and Ireland in September. 



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