KFC highlights quality and provenance in ads

KFC is launching a brand campaign to tell the story of its chicken “from farm to fork” in an attempt to better communicate the quality of its offer.


A BBH created campaign explains how its chicken is freshly prepared in stores every day, and not frozen or processed. Ads use the tag line “Farm fresh, on the bone chicken hand prepared daily”.

Jennelle Tilling, vice president of marketing at KFC, told Marketing Week it’s “good timing” the campaign comes the food industry has been rocked by the horse meat scandal, but says it is not in response to it.

“It’s taking [the provenance] message back a little further. It’s interesting timing to be telling that provenance and real chicken story. It makes it more important to tell the story but, [the horse meat scandal] hasn’t made us suddenly think we have to tell this message. We’ve been doing it for the last two years, it’s just good timing as we plan six months out.

“I’m sort of blessed because I’m working with real pieces of chicken that looks like real chicken. We’re not processing it and making burgers so it’s a little bit easier for KFC. I hope we don’t find any other supply issues because it’s not good for the industry … [We need to] be clear and transparent with the consumer because they’re going to expect more of that now than six months ago.”

KFC is hoping to show “the human side” of the brand and is using a longer ad format than it has in the past with a 60-second ad which Tilling sys gives the brand more space to tell its story.

The £2.5m ad campaign launches on TV today (4 March) and will be supported by Facebook and VOD activity.



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