KFC launches ‘biggest’ campaign to introduce pulled chicken

KFC is aligning TV, print, outdoor, PR and digital together for the first time to mark the arrival of its pulled chicken range, a tactic it hopes lifts the premium credentials of the brand.


The campaign, which launches today (1 September), sees the company adopt an integrated media plan for the first time to launch a product. Whereas standard limited edition products are promoted through TV and outdoor over a six-week period, ads for the pulled chicken range cover all channels for 12 weeks.

A TV ad leads the campaign, continuing the revamped emotive tone the company introduced in July. It attempts to convey the idea that the best things in life take time.

Outdoor, print and PR will offset the advert by educating consumers on how the chicken has been slowly cooked as well highlight as its taste. Posts from the brand’s Facebook page and recently launched Twitter handle will run alongside the creative to try and build word-of-mouth and drive trial.

Meghan Farren, KFC UK marketing director, says the launch will appeal to core consumers but more importantly hopes to attract those unlikely to visit a restaurant. The company, like rival McDonald’s and Burger King, is coming under pressure from the growth of the casual dining market in mature markets such as the UK and the US.

Farren adds: “Pulled meat isn’t necessarily at mass [in the UK] yet and I think we’re right at the top of that curve when people start to pick it up more. We’re building a range on to the menu that we can sustain over time.”



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