KFC switches to paper packaging

KFC, the fast food chain, is launching a major environmental initiative to reduce packaging this year. It hopes that switching from cardboard to paper wrapping will reduce packaging by 1,400 tonnes.

The new packaging, which is being introduced today (January 26), will see its Fillet and Zinger burgers repackaged in paper wrappers, and the Colonel’s and Variety Meals move from cardboard boxes into paper bags. In February, it will be followed by the Mini Fillet Burgers moving from foil to paper wrappers.

The new packaging will be made from 100% renewable sources and will also be 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The initiative builds on last year’s move to stop offering eat-in meals in cardboard boxes. This aimed to save 554 tonnes of wasted packaging.

KFC managing director Martin Shuker says the changes demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices.

The reduction in packaging waste is part of a wider strategy to KFC’s impact on the environment. It already recycles 7,702,667 litres of cooking oil each year, which is then converted in biodiesel fuel for KFC delivery trucks. It is also working to reduce its carbon emissions.


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