KFC to serve personalised online video ads

KFC is the first to test an online advertising format that allows it to create personalised video promotions that change according to location , the weather and shopper behaviour. 

KFC coffee
KFC ads change in relation to location, the weather and advertiser data.

The fast-food chain is using cloud-based video platform Eyeview to incorporate a map featuring each user’s nearest KFC restaurant into a short advert. It uses behavioural data to inform the personalisation along with advertiser data – which is collected automatically from the restaurant locator on the company’s website.

Future KFC ads could be targeted based on other variables such as the weather as well as used to promote relevant offers based on data from third party sources. It is running the videos across online ad sales house Specific Media’s European network of sites. The platform is able to create thousands of individual variations of the ad in real-time depending on how complex the creative is.

Meghan Farren, UK marketing director for KFC, says the videos are a “great step” as it looks to drive footfall into its restaurants.

The sector’s biggest players will focus on loyalty-driven, mobile initiatives in 2014. KFC has been trialing a mobile click-and-collect service this year, while McDonald’s is working on ecommerce strategy. 



MPs call for payday loan ads on kids TV to be banned

Sarah Vizard

An influential group of MPs are calling for a ban on advertising payday loans on kids’ TV following concerns raised by campaign groups that the sector’s biggest players are subjecting children to “inappropriate propaganda” and “grooming” them to be the next generation of borrowers.