Kia relaunch prompts ad agency review

Swedish Match has unveiled a new advertising theme for its Swan range of accessories in anticipation of the forthcoming tobacco advertising ban. A white swan representing the recently relaunched brand (MW January 7) will be used in all future advertising. It will first appear on items which will not be banned, such as matches, to create a link with the products that can no longer be advertised. The Swan execution was created by Grey Advertising and media bought through Mediacom. The campaign runs until June.


Royal Mail aims to make e-commerce safe for all

Marketing Week

The Royal Mail has launched its first electronic communication product, in a break from its 350-year “hard copy” tradition. Available on CD-Rom for use with Windows 95, 98 and NT, Viacode is an e-commerce security tool providing instant encryption for messages and digital certification of users. Users prove their identity by showing a passport or […]

We can all learn from spirit brands

Marketing Week

Spending money on advertising is, indeed, money down the pan for many spirit brands (MW March 11). The article captured the heart of a debate currently in play in most boardrooms, not just those of spirit companies. The best way to create a profit-focused plan is to deconstruct the brand, not into the different media […]

Beck’s premature withdrawal

Marketing Week

There is nowt quite so queer as beer marketers. Mystery surrounds the move by Scottish Courage to axe Beck’s sponsorship of the Channel 4 gay drama “Queer as Folk”, which has hit the headlines for its graphic scenes of men behaving gaily. Scottish Courage, which distributes the beer in the UK, blames the move on […]


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