Kia to crowdsource global brand campaign

Korean car brand KIA is to use crowdsourced creative ideas to form a global brand campaign due to launch next year.

KIA Buzz: Brand will crowdsource ideas for global brand campaign

The brand has used crowdsourcing site eYeka to invite ideas on what it means to “have the power of surprise” from consumers across the globe.

It attracted more than 250 video submissions from Europe, Korea, China, Russia, UK, USA, and Brazil and will now use a selection of the ideas to shape its digital and traditional marketing.

KIA has also opened up a consumer vote on which is the best idea via Facebook. A selection of the submissions are available for fans to browse and share on the social network before voting on their favourite. KIA is offering 10 fans the chance to win an iPad for voting.

Myung-Seob Kim, general manager at KIA Motors Corporation says: “We live in an age of participation where people want to be more involved with the brands they support. By opening up our creative process we are not only acknowledging that, we are actively seeking a very unusual take on the KIA spirit, as a source of constant reinvention and challenges for our brand.”

Rival car brand Citroen has previsouly crowdsourced design ideas for a limited edition vehicle.



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