Kids – is business really listening?

The most telling part of the child consumerism article (MW July 21) came at the end: children embrace brands and shopping, but feel marketers do not treat them with respect or honesty, and advertise inappropriate or “bad” goods to them.

So what is the business and marketing fraternity doing about this? Not enough.

The findings are ominously similar to what consumer and parent groups have said for years. Yet these views have often been dismissed by business as being anti-corporate. Now that the audience, with whom many brands have so desperately been trying to engage, have echoed these sentiments, they may actually be heard.

The Government is certainly listening. Children have found a place on the Government’s agenda – representatives in most departments and the recent appointment of a Children’s Commissioner are testament to this. While arguably not there yet, government has given a clear signal to the business world that this is an important and vulnerable audience.

Shouldn’t business be taking note?

Sheena Horgan


Kids Inc

London SW1E


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