Kimberly-Clark unveils Huggies website in UK

Kimberly-Clark’s Huggies is creating an online presence for its club for expectant mothers and parents called

The Huggies Mother and Baby Club launched two years ago in the UK and the new site will be similar to the US site called

The UK site will provide news, information on health and development of babies, local information on family restaurants, children’s clubs and days out. has also linked up with other brands such as Dettox, Sudocrem, Persil and Tomy charity to provide expert information.

Designed by Citrus Publishing, the website will be launched this week. It will carry hot-links to the sites of selected partners such as women’s portal

Members will be able to purchase Huggies-branded nappies online through links to retailer sites, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s websites.

There will also be a discussion forum for mothers to interact with each other and get online expert help from health-care professionals and celebrity mums.

The website launch will be supported with a £400,000 marketing campaign using print ads and direct mail. A new TV campaign for Huggies, which is due to break next year, will also carry a reference to the website.

Huggies brand manager Lynne Fender says: “The site will be like a ‘time-out’ for parents, as it is highly localised and personalised”.

Huggies packs that are sent to young mothers will include the address of the site.


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