Kimberly Kriss’s advice to young marketers

No one teaches you how to build your personal brand. They teach you how to market, how to do analysis, how to do research, but they don’t teach you how to build the brand that is you. More and more companies are hiring on attitude, as well as intelligence. The same principles you apply to marketing can apply to building your own brand – you want to be relevant, differentiated and consistent.

Valuable relationships can be created at any moment, no matter where you are. That is not only true in your personal life, but also your professional life. It’s more important than before because we’re trying to create communities of influencers. You never know who that one influencer could be. They could be a blogger or you might meet them at your local pub.

Competition is always good. Pepsi wouldn’t be the same without Coke, Nike without Reebok, or Sotheby’s without Christie’s. Competition is healthy – it makes brands smarter.



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