Kinder plans chocolate bar launch

Ferrero is launching a block chocolate bar, called Kinder Country aimed at young children. The bar, which will be available from this autumn, is a key launch for Kinder.

The 23.5g bar, which has bits of crispy cereal inside it, is already available in Europe. Ferrero has launched a number of products in the UK from its European children’s range in recent years, and it is understood this is the final children’s product to be brought over to the UK.

The launch is expected to be backed by some marketing activity but the company is planning a more significant campaign for all Kinder products over Christmas.

Last year, Ferrero launched Kinder Happy Hippo, a cream-filled wafer that is not chocolate-covered, in the UK. It is also aimed at young children but is positioned as a biscuit rather than a confectionery product (MW December 11, 2003).

Ferrero is reviewing its advertising for the Kinder Bueno brand. Last year, it spent &£2.8m supporting the bar, which is advertised separately to the core Kinder range.

It is understood that Ferrero UK marketing director Dave Tucker, who joined the company last year (MW June 3, 2004), wants to develop a roster of agencies to work on the Ferrero portfolio.

Earlier this year, he appointed Nitro, formerly Soul, to handle the &£4m launch of adult biscuit, Giotto (MW June 2). The agency is expected to work on other projects for the company. Ferrero also works with WCRS and in-house agency Pubbliregia.


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