Kinetic fuels expansion by creating data analysis arm

Outdoor agency Kinetic is moving into consumer data analysis with the launch of a new division Meta.

The move to create a “client facing” division will see it carrying out work previously delivered as part of a Kinetic client package under the name of Kinetic Intelligence. Meta will be headed by Mick Ridley, former managing director of Kinetic Intelligence.

Meta will be headquartered in London and will have an office in New York. It plans to roll out in Germany, The Netherlands and Italy by the end of the year.

Meta is launching with a $500,000 (£325,000) contract with a “major entertainment venue” which it declined to name for contractual reasons.

Meta will look at targeting opportunities for clients by analysing consumer data created by use of loyalty, payment and other types of smart cards, as well as by analysis of online behaviour and use of smartphones.

It has identified entertainment ticketing, online retail and travel as key target areas for building its client base in the short term.

Mick Ridley says that Meta will respond to briefs from clients who want to understand how they can use their data more effectively in a variety of ways – from selling it on to third parties, to targeting customers more effectively.

He adds that the company is also planning to open offices in the Asia-Pacific region. The launch is the second this year for the outdoor specialist following the launch of forecasting arm Kinetic Futures in May.

The expansions are part of the company’s strategy to expand its entertainment and lifestyle interests under new global chief executive Steve Ridley, who was promoted in March heralding a “new era” for Kinetic, the company said at the time.

He says that the emphasis will now be on Kinetic becoming the “global leader in understanding how brands can connect with people’s lifestyles and the environments they use”.

When appointed, Steve Ridley announced that the company would move away from its roots as an outdoor specialist.


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