King of Shaves readies skincare range for Gillette’s Fusion razor

King of Shaves (KoS) is set to launch a new premium shaving line that will be promoted as the “ideal partner” for Gillette’s forthcoming five-blade Fusion razor system.

The range, which will include skincare products, is set to launch in September to capitalise on the arrival of the Fusion platform in the UK. It is understood that it will be positioned as a luxury line to sit above the core range of KoS “problem-solution” products.

The move comes amid a flurry of activity at KMI, the owner of the KoS brand, which has recently overhauled the entire KoS range of core products, including the XCD line, which sells exclusively at Boots.

The full range now fits into the one of the three “prime, shave and protect” categories, which aim to encourage men to adopt a more sophisticated grooming regime. Agency Pearlfisher has redesigned the packaging to reflect these changes and to improve shelf stand-out.

KMI is also launching a “technical” shaving cream in Tesco next month. AlphaCream ALS is the second in its line of Advanced Lubrication System products and its first shaving cream. Meanwhile, KMI is working a shaving platform of its own.


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