Kit Kat engineers ‘world’s biggest break’

Kit Kat is hoping to create the ‘world’s biggest break’ with a Facebook app that invites fans to create amusing video messages that will be shared with friends during an online event.

Kit Kat
Kit Kat engineers world’s biggest break

All the videos and image messages created will be stored by the app in a “break box” that will not be shared with recipients until a specified time on 11 October.

The brand hopes the videos will “spread the good mood” and unite people with “one smile” as all the videos will be shared at the same time.

Kit Kat introduced its brand positioning ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat’ in 1957 and it has been at the core of its advertising messaging ever since.

The brand has 13 million Facebook fans worldwide.

The campaign was created by JWT, which was appointed to handle the brand’s advertising account in July.


Mark Ritson

Brand equity is dead. Long live Aldi!

Mark Ritson

The truly challenging aspect of the recession currently engulfing us is not its depth. It’s the width. Despite the forlorn hopes of politicians and economists, there is no upturn in sight. The Olympics bubble has inflated and deflated to leave us back where we started the year.


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