Kit Kat launches music giveaway

Nestlé is launching the third and final instalment of its £24m marketing push to drive sales of confectionary brand, Kit Kat with an on-pack promotion.


The ‘Music Break’ on-pack promotion offers consumers free music downloads from a Kit Kat branded microsite.

Promotional packs of Kit Kat Chunky Milk, Kit Kat Chunky caramel, Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk and Kit Kat Senses will feature an on-pack flash communicating the offer.

The initiative will be supported by a media campaign including new TV advertising, running from 17 September.

The campaign follows on from Kit Kat’s ‘Fashion Break’ and Perfect Beak’ campaigns which ran earlier in the year offering consumers shopping sprees, holidays and home improvements.

Nestlé’s investment in marketing the brand in 2009 has led to a 17% rise in sales of Kit Kat.

Earlier this year, Nestlé appointed a new sales and marketing chief.


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