Kleenex aims to prove “everyday need” for tissues beyond colds

Kleenex is launching a multimillion pound marketing campaign that aims to increase use of its tissues by showing that they are for more than just a cold.


The ads will highlight situations where people need tissues, from make-up mishaps to emergency spills and unexpected sneezes. It includes the strapline “Where’s Your Kleenex When You Need It?” that will form the basis of the brand’s marketing for “years to come”.

The campaign is aimed at mums and will launch on radio, with social media backed by outdoor advertising and in-store activity. TV spots are set to go live in January, alongside a year-long partnership with Heart FM’s drive time radio show.

Jennifer Rohan, Kleenex’s commercial programme manager, says: “This campaign is a great new direction for the brand that will allow us to showcase tissues as a product for relevance. By capturing the everyday need for tissues, we have the opportunity to talk about the different predicaments on an ongoing basis.”



Coke to communicate ‘more pointed’ diversity messages

Russell Parsons

Coca-Cola is to make the messages around the brand’s equality and diversity values “more pointed” in its marketing over the coming months, a shift that comes as the company faces increasing pressure from gay rights campaigners over its sponsorship of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.


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