Kleenex builds Twitter hay fever map

Tissue brand Kleenex has launched an online hay fever map, which it hopes will help build a picture of hay fever sufferers across the UK.

The map uses micro blogging site Twitter, with Kleenex encouraging sufferers to send updates of the strength of their symptoms and postcode so it can identify the location.

Kleenex is asking Twitter users to add the tag ‘#atishoo’ to their updates so it can find and use them to build up a real-time picture of hay fever hot spots using a Google Maps mash-up.

Martina Jezdikova, brand manager of Kleenex says, “The hay fever season is one of the most important times of the year for us from a sales perspective so we’re always keen to find new ways to communicate with our increasingly online audience.”

Kleenex said it was influenced by the uksnow Map, which used Twitter to track snowstorms across the UK in February this year.

The Kimberly-Clark owned brand claims over 46% of the market.


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