Kleenex to turn tissues into kisses for new ad campaign

Kleenex, the UK’s biggest tissue brand, says it hopes the multimillion pound ‘Kleenex Kiss’ campaign, which encourages consumers to kiss a Kleenex tissue and then hand it over as a gift to a loved one, will go viral.

The campaign will launch on 2 February with a nine-week television run. Seven adverts will feature different people sharing kissed tissues tagged with intimate and uplifting messages in a gesture the brand is labeling ‘Kleenex Kisses’.

Having used hidden cameras, each advert features the ‘live-reactions’ of a member of the public unexpectedly receiving one of the messages via a digital billboard.

The campaign will also consist of paid social media, YouTube and in-store promotions, which will encourage customer interaction. Customers who create there own ‘Kleenex Kisses’ will then possibly be featured in subsequent online advertisements.

“Our goal is to build year-round usage by inspiring others to give a Kleenex tissue to a friend or loved one every day as a gesture of care,” said Alex Pickering, head of marketing at Kleenex.

“When sharing the idea with our retail partners, we’ve garnered real support for the idea, how it builds a positive and uplifting act, and how it translates so easily into great in-store activation.”

The new direction for Kleenex comes as its producer Kimberly-Clark, which also produces Huggies diapers, reported a 1.4% fall in fourth quarter 2014 sales to $83m and subsequently forecast lower than expected global sales for 2015.

‘Kleenex Kisses’ features creative by JWT and The Outfit, media planning by MindShare, social media from We Are Social, shopper activity executed by SMP and PR managed by MHP communications.



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