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2024 Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmarks

Dash Hudson

The Social Media Benchmarks Brands Need To Maximize ROI

To win in today’s social media landscape, brands must understand what truly resonates with their audiences to maximize ROI and achieve lasting success. While metrics like follower count and growth rate remain essential, brands are turning to measures such as engagement, owned reach and posting cadence to gain a deeper understanding of how content is received.

In Dash Hudson’s latest TikTok, Instagram and YouTube benchmark reports, updated for 2024, uncover which KPIs are critical to brands’ social strategies and learn how leading brands are staying ahead of the competition.

Gain Insider Knowledge On:

  • Emerging trends in social entertainment, broken down by channel and industry.
  • Dash Hudson’s exclusive social media benchmarks for 11 different industries, now including Travel, Sports, Wellness and B2B.
  • Strategies employed by the best-performing brands in each industry.


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