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Behind The Mask Research Report: Understanding when, where and how the UK consumers opt-out of people based targeting

Nano Interactive

Cookies are quickly disappearing from digital advertising. With Chrome phasing out cookies by 2024 and with more UK consumers choosing to browse privately than ever, identity-free advertising is rapidly becoming a necessity. Earlier this year Nano spoke to UK consumers who told us they simply don’t want to be tracked with 70% masking their ID online, weekly. We’ve taken this a step further to understand the motivations behind this behaviour.

We surveyed 2036 UK consumers in September unveiling:

  • Masking is Mobile: 58% are more likely to mask their personal data on average on mobile than desktop.
  • Email based identifiers a turn-off: Knowing a brand was using their email address or mobile number to target them with online advertising, 49% of consumers would be more likely to mask their information.
  • VPN & Incognito at a premium: The use of VPNs and incognito/private browsing increases consistently as you move up the earnings scale.
  • Masking Moments That Matter: People mask their data at key moments for advertisers: 49% to prevent retargeting in general                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *We would like to communicate with you regarding the products and services of our Marketing & Creative brands, that may be of interest to you. As well as Marketing Week, these brands include Creative Review, Design Week and the Festival of Marketing. If you do NOT want to receive these marketing communications, please email You can update your details and marketing preferences at any time by visiting your My Account page. 
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