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How Reward-Based Incentives Can Help To Win Customers, Increase Spend And Build Loyalty

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Exploring the power of reward-based incentives

Blackhawk Network’s new eBook focuses on the power of reward-based incentives. It takes an in-depth look at how businesses across all sectors can use own-brand incentives and reward programs to win new customers, increase their lifetime value, and build loyalty.

The eBook builds on Blackhawk’s own robust statistics and over 40 years of real-life experience. It demonstrates how giving customers relevant and flexible incentives, especially those that can be spent with partner brands for anything from weekly shopping to dining out, both wins new customers and builds long-lasting, valuable relationships.

With the current cost of living crisis weighing heavily on consumers’ minds, the eBook contrasts the long-term effectiveness of incentives with marketing tactics such as heavy discounting. The conclusions drawn suggest that discounting does little more than engage businesses in a race to the bottom where quality, margins and profitability suffer. However, reward-based incentives can be leveraged across all stages of the customer journey to deliver lasting value.

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