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There aren’t many things we can all agree on, but one of them is that the media landscape is complicated.

The pressure is immense for all parties, especially with economic pressures demanding every marketing pound spent must deliver strong returns.

Nielsen has developed a guide for improving ROI that advertisers and agencies can use to help reduce waste, improve performance and drive impact.

Here are a few of the key lessons:

  1. Unique reach + better frequency management = less wasted ad spend.
  2. Advertisers need deduplicated audience measurement to verify if ads are reaching the right audiences once personal identifiers go away.
  3. Using in-flight metrics and owning your data can help you spot and capitalise on ad ROI opportunities.
  4. Advertisers need to track their entire ad spend with comparable metrics across platforms to get the full performance picture.


Read more about this and how to achieve these things in this guide.

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