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State of Martech Integration 2020-21


Companies are recognising that putting the customer at the centre of their thinking delivers better engagement, higher retention and greater customer lifetime value, resulting in improved sales and better ROI.

But these improvements come at a price.

Twenty-first century marketing is omnichannel, with companies being able to hyper-personalize in real time. Personalization on a one-to-one level is not an easy thing to accomplish. It’s so challenging that Gartner predicts that by 2025 Marketers will have abandoned personalization entirely.

Based on an Econsultancy survey of more than 1,000 organisations and interviews with brands, this research commissioned by HCL explores the significant technological and organisational challenges involved in becoming a truly customer-centric business.

Key Action Areas:

  • Managing mar-tech complexity
  • Unlocking the omnichannel code and the challenges of integration
  • Refocusing on the priority of first party data
  • Modern data compliance
  • Benchmarking the modern marketing department – quantity and kinds of tools in play
  • Approach to customer data management technology
  • Budgeting for 2021
  • KPIs for marketing success

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