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The future of creativity: The battle for marketing’s creative soul is on


Many marketers face difficulties as economic pressure, evolving touchpoints, and changing consumer behaviour prioritize immediate results, leaving little room for creativity. 

However, turning new ideas into engaging campaigns is critical to differentiating yourself in a saturated market. It’s essential to developing long-term brand equity. How do brands and agencies achieve their creative goals with tight budgets and short deadlines? That’s what we wanted to know from 200 creative marketing leaders. 

Our comprehensive report examines key trends that will shape brands’ futures: 

  • Differentiation is difficult: 92% of brands say standing out in a crowded market is more complex than ever. 
  • The struggle is real: Short-term performance thrives, but building long-term brand value is challenging. 
  • Brand-agency relationships are complicated: Brands feel misunderstood, and agencies feel frustrated with time constraints.

Download the report to explore how marketers and agencies feel about the future of creativity — and about each other.


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